wscompile tool

From: Cristiano O. Marques - BMS <>
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 14:04:48 -0300

I'm trying to generate some client code for some published service. It
was working just fine but now the WSDL is behind a secure server.
Setting the right certificates configuration I can read the WSDL content
of that secure site, so the my keystore and truststore are OK.
Is there any configuration in wscompile tool where I can set my keystore
and truststore to work with?
Another thing, where can I find some support for the JAX-RPC? All that I
see is a bunch of stupid questions posted in some forums. I have found
some really serious bugs in JAX-RPC that nobody can answer what's going
Some reply from someone would be great.
Best regards.
Cristiano Marques