Handler help

From: Edoardo Causarano <>
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 15:18:10 +0200

Hello, I have this snippet in the jaxrpc-ri.xml config file:
  <endpoint description="Server interaction Web Service"
         displayName="Server Manager"
         model="/WEB-INF/model-wsdl-doclit.xml.gz" name="ServerPort"
             <chain runAt="server">
                 <handler className="it.test.jwsdp.handlers.Example">
                     <property name="configValue" value="fru fru"/>

but the method handleRequest(MessageContext mctx) isn't called (I put a
breakpoint in Eclipse inside the method but it doesn't stop). I want to
check for session management on the incoming message and kill those
that don't support sessions and I thought the best thing to do was to
use Handlers but I can't get them to work.
Anything clearly wrong in my snippet?