RE: Static Client with Changing Web Service URL?

From: Kevin Jones <>
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 17:35:37 +0100

Of the top of my head
_stub.setProperty(Stub.URL_ENDPOINT_ADDRESS, "my_new_url");

Where _stub is the generated client side stub; Stub is the JAX-RPC stub
class; and "my_new_url" is the new URL,

(BTW, the URL_... may not be the correct value, but you can find the value
in the docs or if your IDE has code completion),

Kevin Jones
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        From: Ryan Champlin []
        Sent: 07 April 2005 17:32
        Subject: Static Client with Changing Web Service URL?


        I'm wondering if I create a web service client that is staic is
there a way to change the URL for the web service if it changes later
without regenerating the client?

        Everything about the service is static except the URL and Port. I'm
wondering if there is a way to pass this in or override that specific
element throug the use of the stubs. I'm not seeing a straightforward way
by looking at what was generated.

        Thanks much,