RE: is returning files through a byte[] a good idea?

From: Sels Wannes <>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 17:31:59 +0200

Hi Ryan,


The only vendor I know that does not support MIME attachments is
Microsoft .NET . Apache Axis and JWSDP 1.5 both support SAAJ (Soap with
Attachments API for Java). Using byte[] to send binary data in xml is a
bad idea. Actually any way of moving binary data in xml is a bad way, a
better way is to keep the data out of the xml, which is exactly what
attachments does. Unfortunately there aren't many alternatives, and if a
third party relies on a vendor that does not support it, I believe that
indeed the best way to do this is byte[]

Just my 2 cents.






From: Ryan Champlin []
Sent: dinsdag 26 april 2005 17:22
Subject: is returning files through a byte[] a good idea?



Would passing of files through a byte[] in a web service method not be a
good idea? Currently, we have a simple example of doing this which
seems to work farily well. I would assume a better approach might be
sending the files via SOAP with attachments however it doesn't appear
that this method is accepted yet by many vendors. Just wanted to see
what others are doing.