Re: Questions on "searchschema"

From: Edoardo Causarano <>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 22:44:41 +0100

I don't know, now it seems to work fine with a modified wsdl. I've
changed a couple things in the wsdl, wscompile with wsi,documentliteral
and now it seems to generate the bean mapping classes I put in
wsdl:types. Interface is ok:

public interface ManageSimulations extends Remote {
     public UploadFileResponsePart uploadDataFile(UploadFileRequestPart
requestPart, String dataFile) throws RemoteException;

I think it's either the direct reference to swaRef in the complexTypes
(rather than to
<xsd:element name="fileData" type="wsi:swaRef" /> )
or the <soap:binding> I hadn't typed in the previous example.

<wsdl:binding name="ManageSimulationsBinding"
         <soap:binding style="document"
         <wsdl:operation name="uploadDataFile">

Should I post the working wsdl?


Il giorno 25/feb/05, alle 17:07, Doug Kohlert ha scritto:

> Edoardo,
> This appears to be a bug. However, as a work around if you add
> use="literal" to the two <mime:multipartRelated> elements,
> e.g. <mime:multipartRelated use="literal"> it will work. However the
> output is of no use to you since the SEI generate is:
> public interface ManageSimulations extends java.rmi.Remote {
> public javax.xml.transform.Source
> uploadDataFile(javax.xml.transform.Source requestPart,
> java.lang.String dataFile) throws
> java.rmi.RemoteException;
> }
> regardless of whether you use searchschema or not. I therefore
> suggest not using it in this case.