(NEWBIE) Session management & jax-rpc

From: Edoardo Causarano <>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 17:35:10 +0100

Hello, I'm trying to (hurriedly) implement a SOAP ws. After some
struggle with Axis, I decided to try out jwsdp and got it working in a
day or so. I've got some questions for you, please bear with me:

1. I've read the Rama & Vivek attachments howto and tried to build my
own service from a handcrafted WSDL. It works fine, but the generated
client/server classes don't contain bean classes mapping the custom
complexTypes I've declared in the wsdl:types section.

Is that because I haven't put any of the message parts in the soap:body
parts attribute of the wsdl:binding?
Is it because they're just xsd:types rather than xsd:elements (they are
mapped to request/responsePartElement elements though)?
Should I turn a switch on wscompile to get these beans? Should I
manually specify a bean mapping like with Axis (in the deploy.wsdd)?

2. I need to implement client/server session management. On Axis this
required specifying the lifetime of the pivot class and accessing
either the session variable at the http transport or a soap session
specified in the header.
Can I do something similar in the jwsdp?
Must I go with the ejb framework, which is something I'd really wish
not to do?
Are there best practices to follow in session management? Specifically,
I'd like to crete a handler chain, authenticate and create a session
token in the soap:header for the downstream classes to deal with. Are
there better routes to take?

I'm sorry to inconvenience you, with admittedly basic questions, but
I'm struggling to wrap my head around all this... ;-)