Re: Empty SOAPElement from .net WebService

From: Chrisjan Matser <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 13:15:32 -0800 (PST)

I did see that and was able to verify that I wasn't
doing anything wrong. I discovered the problem

Turns out that the XML the .Net web service was
returning to me had a xmlns="" in the root element, a
namespace attribute with and empty namespace. JAX-RPC
decides to ignore the entire xml stream for this
response field. I was able to verify this using my
own ProxyServer to "snoop" the client/server SOAP

I discovered that if the xmlns attribute was removed
completely, or if the xmlns attribute was filled with
a namespace, the SOAPElement was properly filled with
the response XML.

I was able to communicate this information to the .Net
developers and they are now adding a namespace so that
I can see their data. Interestingly (or maybe not
surprisingly), their VB test client could view their
XML response just fine.

I don't know if this is a bug in .NET or a bug in
JAX-RPC, or if this is a developer goof. But, it'd be
nice if JAX-RPC could have at least shown me the data
in the response field because it was there in the
response SOAPEnvelope.

For those interested in my ProxyServer, I took the
ProxyServer in the Java In A Nutshell examples and
modified it to print the client send stream and the
server reponse stream to standard out. Pretty cool
watching the SOAP conversation.

While I'm sending this email, I just thought I'd add,
wouldn't it be nice if JAX-RPC could provide a nice
web service info page when building a web service
server? Oracle and .Net do this. If you go to the
root of your web service, you currently see a link to
the WSDL and the model. It'd nice to see the methods
available, what params they take, and also a way to
test them right there from the browser. It'd be a
huge time saver for us developers. Thanks for


--- "" <>

> Take a look at
> Chrisjan Matser wrote:
> >I'm try to view the response from a web service I'm
> >contacting that was created I believe with .Net.
> I'm
> >using JAX-RPC from JWSDP 1.5.
> >
> >One of the fields in the response object is a
> >SOAPElement. From what I understand, this was done
> to
> >map an "any" type field. I try to walk through the
> >xml tree and I am not seeing all the data. I can
> get
> >one level deep and then no more children.
> >
> >Anyone else see this?
> >
> >The appropriate WSDL regarding this field
> >- <s:element minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1"
> >name="ExtractReturnsByReturnDateAsXMLResult">
> > - <s:complexType mixed="true">
> > - <s:sequence>
> > <s:any />
> > </s:sequence>
> > </s:complexType>
> > </s:element>
> >
> >Any ideas on how to see the raw data? I tried the
> >-Xdebug
> >but I didn't see anything. Yes, I'm using 443
> because
> >the web service url is https. That could be why I
> >don't see anything?
> >
> >Any help appreciated.
> >
> >Chrisjan
> >
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