Re: error: Duplicate type name with wscompile

From: Jitendra Kotamraju <Jitendra.Kotamraju_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 18:20:24 -0800

Since you seem to be starting from WSDL. Do the following:

1. wscompile -import -model model.gz config.xml
   This generates portable artifacts, and model
2. Create a raw war file with portable artifacts, WSDL, model,
jaxrpc-ri.xml, your implementation classes
3. Do "wsdeploy" to convert raw war to cooked war file.

For more info,


Vishwajit Pantvaidya wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to deploy and consume a webservice using JWSDP1.5. I have
> been able to generate the classes from the WSDL. But looking at the 1.2
> tutorial, it seemed that the next step is to generate the model.gz file
> using the generated SEI. So I issued the command
> wscompile -define -model model.gz .\config-interface.xml
> but got the error
> error: Duplicate type name "{urn:Foo}ArrayOfBAPIPAREX" for Java type
> "websvc.BAPIPAREX[]" found
> - The above wscompile command uses the classes generated by wscompile
> itself earlier - so why does it give this error?
> - Later when I referred to the newer docs, it seems that model.gz
> generation may not be required - I just need to create jaxrpc-ri.xml
> file, bundle it and other files into a war file and then use wsdeploy.
> So do I not need to create model.gz?
> - Even in that case, what is the reason for the errors I am getting?
> Thanks,
> Vishwajit.
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