RE: Re: [REPOST] ServletContextListener and WS (Servlet) initial ization (JAXRPC runtime initialization)

From: Kresimir Kers (ZG/ETK) <"Kresimir>
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 08:35:36 +0100


Thanx for helping me.

Both versions of JAX-RPC (from JWSDP 1.5 and weekly build) solves my problem. Unfortunately JAX-RPC still doesn't work on BEA but now this is integration problem. I presume that it will work when I put all JARs of JAX-RPC and other JARs that JAX-RPC depends on in a proper order.
I will definitely post a message to this list when I succeed.


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> Subject: Re: [REPOST] ServletContextListener and WS (Servlet)
> initialization (JAXRPC runtime initialization)
> > So my question is when Context Listener should be invoked. If it is
> > strictly defined and it should work as it work in Sun JES
> App Server
> > and Tomcat then JAX-RPC can rely on Context Listeners but
> if it is not
> > true or it is not strictly defined then you should consider rework
> > because it will not work on some containers.
> You are correct. The full answer is that it is spec'ed that
> Context Listeners should be initialized before the servlet;
> however, that requirement was not explicit in the servlet
> version that jaxrpc required (I don't remember the versions,
> but it became explicit in .1 release past our requirements).
> A fix was put in for this after the jwsdp1.4 release, and so
> you can get a JAXRPCServlet with a workaround in the jwsdp1.5
> release, or you can try the weekly builds on Let us
> know if the later version fixes the problem for you -- I
> think it will just based on the code you included not
> matching the code with the workaround that I see in the
> latest weekly source drop.
> (The new jax-rpc home page on appears to have some
> links pointing to the wrong place, but when you follow any of
> them to the Documents and Files page click "weekly" in the
> file tree to get the latest files.)
> Cheers,
> Bobby
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