Creating swaRef attachments in a JAXRPC client

From: <>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 16:12:55 -0800

Need some help, i am trying to attach a file in a JAXRPC client using a
swaRef. However, only the swaRef gets set in the SOAP message
but no attachment is set. Here is the snippet of the code:
     String imageName = "duke.jpg";
     java.awt.Image newPhoto = getImage(imageName);
     AttachmentPart att =
     att.setContentId("<" + imageName + ">");
     ArrayList list = new ArrayList();
list); uriName = new"cid:" + imageName);
     String resultResponse = stub.submitActionXF(uriName);

AM i missing something here, since there is no message context to deal in
the clients, i have
set the "SET_ATTACHMENT_PROPERTY" and added the Collection of attachments
in the setProperty method.

Anything else ...