wsompile: WSI + DocumentLiteral + unwrap and C# .NET parameter names or?

From: Phillip Lindsay <>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 17:07:26 -0800

When I have interface like this:

    public Event[] listEventsByDateRange(
        Calendar fromDate,
        Calendar toDate,
        int recordOffset,
        int recordCount) throws RemoteException

And wscompile it via -f wsi -f documentliteral -f unwrap

I get a wsdl interface which uses this type for interface parameter:

    <complexType name="listEventsByDateRange">
            <element name="Calendar_1" type="dateTime" nillable="true"/>
            <element name="Calendar_2" type="dateTime" nillable="true"/>
            <element name="int_3" type="int"/>
            <element name="int_4" type="int"/>

So in .NET C# generated web reference I deal with this construct:

                EventService.listEventsByDateRange listEve =
                        new EventService.listEventsByDateRange();
                listEve.Calendar_1 = new DateTime();
                listEve.Calendar_2 = new DateTime();
                listEve.int_3 = 0;
                listEve.int_4 = 10;
                EventService.Event[] eves =

Is there anyway to pass the parameters names into WSDL generation?

Suggestions for best wscompile options for C#.NET? (when going from
java to wsdl)


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