RE: Correct client file

From: Ryan LeCompte <>
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 21:17:26 -0500


I compared your DII cient with mine, and it appears that the "fix" is where
you modified the generated serializer registry code that was copied into the
DII client. It looks like you are using the element name as opposed to the
complex type name as the local part of the Qname ("data" as opposed to
"tData", which is how the serializer registry code is generated by default):

   QName type = new QName("urn:com.test.webservice/types", "data");
   CombinedSerializer serializer = new
customer_tests.dii_complex_doclit.client.TData_LiteralSerializer(type, "",
customer_tests.dii_complex_doclit.client.TData.class, type, serializer);

This appears to fix the problem. Thank you for taking the time to
investigate this! I've actually decided to use a static stub based approach
for my doc style web service, since static stubs still support one-way
operations and do not block (which is what I was hoping to get with DII's
Call.invokeOneWay). I don't see any advantage at this point of using DII
over the static stub approach, since the benefits of one-way operations are
still gained with static stubs, and I have control over the WSDL definition.

However, I think that through this exercise a couple points should be noted.
Firstly, it's a bit clumsy to have to copy/paste the generated serializer
registry code into the DII client, and even worse to have to modify it. It
appears as though DII should be enhanced to support this (under the covers),
since this isn't documented in the tutorials/books that I've read.
Furthermore, the generated code can change from one version to another of
JAX-RPC, so having to rely on this hand-edited generated code is probably
not a very good long term solution.

Again, thank you for spending time investigating this matter.

-- Ryan

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Here is the correct file-
The serializers are the same-

Verify that it works in your environment and let me know- kathy

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