Re: wscompile does not generate all artifacts

From: Vivek Pandey <Vivek.Pandey_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 16:28:34 -0800

The Secure global element declaration is referred by the header part in
all the operation bound to the soap/http port.

Inorder for wscompile to map the header part in the java signature use
-f:explicitcontext on the wscompile commandline. Your command line will
look something like:

wscompile.bat -gen:client config.xml -keep -f:explicitcontext


nr nr wrote:

> Hi, I'm trying to generate client artifacts for the service at
> I installed jwsdp 1.5 (Win2K, JDK 1.4.2) and ran wscompile against the
> endpoint above...and got back most of the classes I need, except for
> one called "Secure". Secure is a class used to transmit authorization
> credentials. I see no trace of this class in any of the
> wscompile-generated code. The commandline I used was:
> wscompile.bat -gen:client config.xml -keep
> config.xml minimally indicated WSDL soutrce and a package to dump code
> into.
> Thing is, when I run Microsoft Visual Studio.NET against the endpoint
> above, it does, in fact generate class Secure, and tie it with the
> rest of the classes. For what it's worth, the service behind the
> endpoint above is written in .NET.
> So, my question is: could somebody look at the WSDL above and tell me
> if I need to do anything special? I shall of course keep
> investigating, and report what I find.
> Thank you.
> --A
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