Same Transport classes on client and server side

From: Jay Booth <>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 10:43:08 -0500

Ok so I have a JAX-RPC service that handles all of my searching and index
updating (lucene) from a single point to deal with concurrency issues. I
have a couple custom objects like TransportDocument and TransportField that
serve as holders for the data that goes over the wire, but also have a few
utility methods for use when they're instantiated. Right now I just use
them on the server side and have to use 'dumb' copies that the client
generates from the WSDL which don't have any of my methods on them. Has
anyone figured out a process (or have a link to one) where you can generate
the client stubs with the same classes (methods and all) that are used on
the server? When I try to generate a client using a non-WSDL config.xml
(using server interfaces and server classpath) it barks at me that this
isn't recommended behavior. Any ideas? Or should I just code utility
classes on the client side that have static methods?

Basically I'm talking about I have on the server side

public void insert (TransportDocument doc) throws java.rmi.RMIException

public SearchResults query(String searchString) throws java.rmi.RMIException


And I'd like these TransportDocument and SearchResults classes on the client
side to have the methods I coded on them for the server instead of just
getters/setter that wscompile generates

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