!!!helloWorld example- unrecognized operation

From: Onur Sencer <>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 10:41:40 +0300

I'm trying to run helloworld example on the tutorial, when I execute ant run-client, I get an exception:
caught exception while handling request: unrecognized operation: {urn:Foo}sayHello

the client code is below. Is it because the namespace URI is set not correctly? (on setoperationname function) If so, what should I write for the namespace URI? Also in this code, wsdl url of the service is not given? Is it a missing for this code?

Onur Sencer

package hello;
import javax.xml.rpc.Call;
import javax.xml.rpc.Service;
import javax.xml.rpc.JAXRPCException;
import javax.xml.namespace.QName;
import javax.xml.rpc.ServiceFactory;
import javax.xml.rpc.ParameterMode;

public class HelloClient {

    private static String qnameService = "HelloWorldService";
    private static String qnamePort = "HelloIFPort";

    private static String BODY_NAMESPACE_VALUE =
    private static String ENCODING_STYLE_PROPERTY =
    private static String NS_XSD =
    private static String URI_ENCODING =

    public static void main(String[] args) {

        System.out.println("Endpoint address = " + args[0]);

        try {
            ServiceFactory factory =
            Service service =
                new QName(qnameService));
            QName port = new QName(qnamePort);
            Call call = service.createCall(port);
                new Boolean(true));
            QName QNAME_TYPE_STRING =
                        new QName(NS_XSD, "string");

                new QName(BODY_NAMESPACE_VALUE,"sayHello"));
            call.addParameter("String_1", QNAME_TYPE_STRING,
            String[] params = { "Murph!" };

            String result = (String)call.invoke(params);

        } catch (Exception ex) {

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