The size of the JAX-RPC library

From: Mete Kural <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 10:49:44 +0100

Hello all,

Last year I had asked a question here regarding the size of the JAX-RPC library in the JWSDP. I was looking forward to the feasibility of incorporating the ability to make web services requests from a Swing-based Java applet front-end (this is a front-end to a CRM system). There was a requirement that the size of the library cannot be more than several 100K. Back then we had decided that the JAX-RPC library in JWSDP is too large to satisfy this requirement and I was recommended to take a look at some third party web services libraries.

Recently I read that there is the possibility of incorporating JAX-RPC into the Tiger J2SE 1.5 release. If that is the case, then our applet would have JAX-RPC capability out of the box without having to increase the size of the applet significantly. Do you know what the status is in regards to incorporating JAX-RPC into Tiger?

If JAX-RPC is not incorporated into Tiger, do you at least know if the JAX-RPC libraries in JWSDP 1.4 is small enough that it would satisfy our requirement mentioned above?

Thank you very much,

Mete Kural
Touchtone Corporation
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