Re: JAX-RPC 2.0 enhancements and changes - feedback requested

From: Doug Kohlert <Doug.Kohlert_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 10:18:18 -0700

Rpc/encoded is an encoding mechanism specified by SOAP 1.1. It allows
one to encode/decode object graphs and arrays.
RPC style also requires the SOAP implementation to create a wrapper
element around the parts of the SOAP message.
This wrapper element has a name that matches the operation name. In
document style, the exact content of the SOAP body
is specified in the WSDL. There is no automatic creation of a wrapper
element. Using document/literal one could do validation
on the SOAP body. Also, rpc/encoded is somewhat more expensive to
encode/decode so performance is not at good.

I hope this helps.

Guadalupe Ortiz wrote:

>I am sorry my answer is a question but I did not want to loose the
>oportunity to ask somebody specialized in this. Could yo please explain me
>briefly the diference between rpc/encoded and documnt/literal.
>thank-you very much for your help
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>Subject: JAX-RPC 2.0 enhancements and changes - feedback requested
>>With the implementation of JAX-RPC 2.0 underway, now is the perfect time
>>for you to let the JAX-RPC SI team
>>know what enhancements you would like added to the 2.0 implementation.
>>We of course cannot promise anything
>>but we would like to incorporate your suggestions if possible given
>>time-constraints, etc.
>>For current users of wscompile/wsdeploy, we would like your feedback on
>>some potential changes that the SI
>>team might make in 2.0.
>>When JAX-RPC 1.0 was specified, it was believed that web services would
>>focus on rpc/encoded. However,
>>since that time, the industry has shifted and it appears that
>>document/literal is the preferred mode. Currently,
>>both wscompile and wsdeploy default to rpc/encoded. The question is:
>>Should wscompile and wsdeploy leave the default mode as rpc/encoded for
>>backwards compatibility reasons, or
>>should the default be changed to document/literal? If the default is
>>changed, we need to provide a way to get
>>the old behavior so I pose a second question. Should we add new
>>commands such as wscompile1 and wsdeploy1 that
>>have the old behavior, or should we simple add a -f:rpcencoded flag to
>>the existing commands? If anyone has other suggestions
>>we would entertain them as well.
>>Thank you
>>Doug Kohlert
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