Re: problem with WSDL file, "jaxrpc compilation exception" in .ear deploy step

From: Merten Schumann <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 11:12:14 +0200

To finalize this discussion:

Found that I really have to declare two EJBs, with their own WSDL,
different endpoints and port names (logical port names have to be
different). I used the same implementation class (<ejb-class>). So now I
can access my web service (wrapped in one .ear) via WSI compliant and
non WSI compliant interface. Works in Sun App Server 8 and IBM WebSphere

The only problem (ok, it's a minor one, but to mention it): the EJB
container will maintain instances of my session bean per endpoint. That
means, instances created for WSI compliant clients will not be used for
non WSI compliant clients and vice versa. Although it's the same
implementation class.


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> exception" in .ear deploy step
> Hello,
> continued my task to build a web service with both, WSI compliant and
> "old" WSDL interface.
> For .war (plain JAX-RPC) it worked in principle, thanx to
> Bobby's help.
> :-)
> Now I tried a bit to assemble an .ear with an EJB with TWO web service
> endpoints.
> It seems, that's not allowed.
> In the server log I do get at deploy time:
> error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Ejb HelloServiceBeanchen
> implements 2 web service endpoints but must only implement 1
> Why is that prohibited?
> I tried in this webservices.xml file to have two
> <webservice-description> elements. Did not work, got the exception.
> Then I tried for the one and only <webservice-description> element, to
> have there two <port-component> elements. Did not work too.
> Now I will try to "outwit" the deploy step and create an
> additional name
> for my EJB mapping to the same implementation class. That's not really
> nice, but maybe it works (but I don't think so).
> Would be nice to have this "two way" web service in one .ear file,
> that's why I'm trying this stuff ... In theory, it should be
> possible on
> the server side to have an instance of my stateless session bean serve
> at a given time a client which is using the WSI compliant WSDL and at
> another time a client which is using the non-WSI compliant WSDL ...
> If I cannot get this working I think I have to put really two
> incarnations of my EJB in the .ear and configure an endpoint
> for each of
> them.
> cu
> Merten

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