Re: "QName" class was not found.....any other jar class?

From: Bobby Bissett - Javasoft <>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 11:01:44 -0500

> However, am still stumbled block with the same error . Is there any
> possibility that i need to copy these required jar files into the
> generated-stub directory? I don't know what could be any others
> possible way to handle.

You shouldn't have to copy jars to anyplace special. They just need to
be in your classpath at runtime. Try setting your classpath as an
environment variable "CLASSPATH" and then you can echo it out to make
sure you don't have any typos in the locations of the jar files. Your
classpath should look something like:


(or ";" and "\" and "%...%" on a windows machine)

You could also use a simple ant script to run your client, which gives
you the advantage of being able to set the classpath with an expression
like "${JAXRPC_HOME}/*.jar" instead of typing everything out.


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