Re: doc/lit "Missing port information"

From: Dennis Sosnoski <>
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 17:07:20 -0800

Jitendra Kotamraju wrote:

>Dennis Sosnoski wrote:
>>Okay, it looks like what was going on is that the build.xml uses a
>>single classpath for both client and server, so when I'm running
>>wsdeploy after creating the client code it sees a
>>SeismicService_SerializerRegistry class in the client code and assumes
>>it doesn't need to create one, even though that class is not included in
>>the war file. I'd think this should be considered a bug in wsdeploy - it
>>should make sure the necessary classes are actually in the war, not just
>>on its classpath.
>> - Dennis
>wsdeploy doesn't generate a java file if the corresponding class already
>exists in the classpath. Can you try specifying different package names
>for client and server in the config files.
I understand that that's how wsdeploy works. I solved the problem in my
case by using separate client and server classpaths in the build.xml. It
should still be considered a bug in wsdeploy, though, since it doesn't
make sense for wsdeploy to look at classes that aren't actually in the
war. Note that I used the build.xml from the example supplied in the
tutorial as the basis for what I did, and that uses a single classpath
and single package for both client and server, so this is effectively
what you're telling users to do.

  - Dennis

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