Is the scheme defined by valid ???

From: Purbhoo, Hansika <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 09:29:22 +0200

Hi Everybody

I have written a webservice that passes an xml file from client to server .
So, we have a method which takes a DataHandler type as a parameter
I have written a client in Java to connect to the service and on testing
this, all seems to be in order.....

However, another client is trying to connect to this web service using
Connector .
Business Connector has the functionality to import a WSDL and automatically
generate a client.
When business connector tries to import the WSDL, it fails, as it can not
recognize the DataHandler type...

My WSDL file looks something like
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<definitions name="TestWebService"
    <schema targetNamespace=""
      <import namespace=""/>
      <simpleType name="datahandler">
         <restriction base="base64Binary"/>
  <message name="TestReceiptsServiceIF_sendPurchaseOrder">
    <part name="DataHandler_1" type="ns2:datahandler"/>

   .....etc ..........

So, I think that the problem is that it cant seem to understand what the
DataHandler type actually is .
In the WSDL it is defined as type ns2:datahandler.
If you look at ns2 it is defined as

Now that particular website does not define anything.
Could that be the problem?
Is there another schema that I could use instead of this ?

Note that this WSDL was automatically generated when I compiled my web

Any help would be much appreciated



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