Handlers and SOAP Faults

From: Kevin Jones <>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 16:45:46 -0000

As I understand it: If I write a handler and the handleRequest method
detects an error it has several options, one of which is to throw a
SOAPFaultException. This exception cause the processing of the request
part of the message to end and causes the handler chain to process the
handleFault methods in the chain starting with the current handler. It
is then the responsibility of the current handler (or other handlers in
the chain) to create the SOAP fault and return it to the caller (and I
must admit I find this model overly complex).

What happens to the SOAPFaultException after it has been thrown? It
seems to get lost in the innards of the RI. Is that exception
information made available to the handler chain? And why doesn't the
spec allow for the handlerChain impl (which gets to see the fault) to
create SOAP response and populate it with the thrown exception. I guess
it just seems to me that the act of throwing a SOAPFaultException is
essentially wasted if the exception isn't used,

Kevin Jones

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