Defining General Purpose Itf In JAXRPC

From: Kevin Jones <>
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 16:38:59 -0000

I'm guessing the answer to this is no, but...

In the JAXRPC RI can I define a Java interface that takes XML rather
than one that takes specific Java types, and then generate the server
from that itf definition. i.e. what I want to do is to have

public boolean foo(Node n) or
public boolean foo(Document d) or
public boolean foo(SOAPElement s) or something similar

In Axis I have the option of 'message' based services. I can have a
method that looks like one of the following

public Element [] method(Element [] bodies);
public SOAPBodyElement [] method (SOAPBodyElement [] bodies);
public Document method(Document body);
public void method(SOAPEnvelope req, SOAPEnvelope resp);

And get access to the SOAP message as raw XML.

Kevin Jones

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