Re: jaxrpc servlet not responding with wsdl (?WSDL)

From: jeff <Jeff.Blattman_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 13:38:20 -0700

thanks bobby. i was able to get the wsdl and welcome page, i had the
wrong impl class name in the jaxrpc-ri and apparently that made the
whole thing die, with no error message. sorry for the confusion ...

what you said below is interesting. so essentially, i don't need to
worry about changing the server,port and uri in the wsdl? this was going
to be a problem because in our case, these three things are install-time
parameters, which would have meant that we'd need to twiddle them via
token replacement post-install. sounds like that's not the case, which
is good.

is all of this well-defined? what should i put in the installed wsdl
file for server, port, uri? is it that i can put anything there, as it
it is replaced with the correct value at runtime? (that seems strange).

Bobby Bissett - Javasoft wrote:

>> i see the xml wsdl file, so it is properly installed in the web
>> container.
> Not necessarily. Note that going to http://somepath/foo.wsdl does
> *not* show you the same wsdl file that is sent by the jaxrpc servlet.
> It shows you the base wsdl file that the servlet will use to produce a
> final one, but the fact that you can see the raw file in a browser
> doesn't mean it's in the right place for the servlet.
> (The reason the servlet fiddles with it is to transform the location
> attribute. This allows you to deploy the same war file on
> and and the location will be transformed properly when a
> client makes a request for the wsdl file. --it's also why it's ok to
> deploy a war file with wsdl location="REPLACE_WITH_ACTUAL_URL".)

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