Re: moving jaxrpc-interest to

From: Arun Gupta <Arun.Gupta_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2003 14:41:17 -0700

Might be worthwhile to mention a URL where archives can be accessed!

Doug Kohlert wrote:

> All,
> In anticipation of the release of the JAXRPC reference implementation
> source
> onto, we will be migrating this interest list to the
> mailing list: This migration should take
> place
> sometime this week.
> During this migration process, all jaxrpc-interest archived messages will
> be archived on All current jaxrpc-interest list subscribers
> will be automatically subscribed to the new mailing list and they will
> be unsubscribed from the jaxrpc-interest mailing list. Finally, the
> jaxrpc-interest mailing list will be shut down.
> Going forward, all jaxrpc questions/discussions should take place on the
> new mailing list.
> If you have any questions/concerns please let me know.
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