Re: Attachments and JAXRPC clients

From: John Furton <jfurton_at_VOCALDATA.COM>
Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2003 11:48:16 -0500

So how would a wsdl file look like with the attachment specification in
there? Can you give us an example?


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From: Arun Gupta [mailto:Arun.Gupta_at_SUN.COM]
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Subject: Re: Attachments and JAXRPC clients

In JWSDP 1.2, attachments are only supported for rpc/enc WSDLs.

Chapter 7 in JAX-RPC 1.0 specification talks about the support of
attachments. Specifically, table 7-1 defines the mapping of various mime
types to Java types in RI. You can specify any of the supported Java
types specified in table 7-1 in your interface, and the WSDL will be
generated for you accordingly.

Thanks for your interest in JAX-RPC.


Kevin Jones wrote:

>Axis has the option to allow me to add an attachment through the client

>side stub. Can I do this in the RI (I can't see any obvious way)?
>Kevin Jones

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