Re: JSR-101 vs JSR-109

From: Michael S. Ellis <michael.ellis_at_ROGERS.COM>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 22:47:29 -0400

I have used JAX-RPC in a J2SE environment. I still find it odd that JAX-RPC
and JSR-109 are *required* in the *J2EE* platform (as of J2EE 1.4) yet the
specs are being maintained independantly.

I've already run into one situation where the different invocation models
proposed in these specs is a little at odds. I have a ws-security enabled
web service that I cannot call from a JAX-RPC J2SE client because the
ws-security implementation is triggered by the use of the Service object
returned from JNDI. Since my J2SE client uses a JSR-101 invocation of the
same web service (it's J2SE right?... no JSR-109 features for JNDI lookup) ,
ws-security is not invoked, my messages are not encrypted and get rejected
by the service. Unless I buy some other ws-security implementation that is
able to work with JAX-RPC, I cannot send secure messages. Yet if the
invocation model were common, I think it is likely that this situation would
not exist.

I realize that the ws-security vendor is responsible for the behavior of
this implementation but the door was left open when the conflict in
invocation models was created in these separate specs.

Another area that concerns me about these two specs is the way that Handlers
are treated quite differently. These differences can break JAX-RPC clients
when they are migrated to JSR-109. I would like to see the two specs
converge simply because it feels a little like the platform neutrality of
web services is being degraded in the Java platform. No longer can I simply
write a web service and let people use it... now I have to give some thought
to the client technology that is being deployed to interact with it.

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> Actually, JAX-RPC can work in a J2SE environment.
> At 12:10 PM 9/23/2003 -0400, you wrote:
> >Can someone help me to understand why we have 2 JSRs instead of one? I
> >could understand this split if JAX-RPC were a J2SE technology and JSR-109
> >a J2EE technology but they are both focussed on the J2EE platform. Each
> >spec refers to the other to some degree and yet they also include
> >contradictions... for instance the runtime support described in JAX-RPC
> >re: standard properties is discouraged in JSR-109.
> >
> >To quote then Goon Show... "It's all very confusing really..."
> >
> >Are there plans to combine these specifications in the future?