JAX-RPC and Session Management

From: Mete Kural <>
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 14:33:40 +0100

Hello all,

We want to develop a web service to be consumed by a Java applet. This Java applet is an application that will be used based on "concurrent licenses" per company. We want to keep track of concurrent licenses using a web service that our Java applet will transparently connect to, authenticate the user of the applet after getting the username/password from the user, and increment the number of concurrent licenses for the company that the user belongs to. After that point, the applet will send a request to the web service every minute to let the web service know that the user is still active. Then, when the user logs off, or if the user's session has expired because of five minutes of inactivity (no requests being received by the web service), the web service will decrement the number of concurrent licenses for that company.

Would it be practical to implement such a web service using JAX-RPC? If not, what other alternative for developing such a service would you recommend?

In JAX-RPC, would it be possible to count the number of active client sessions that share a specific property such as "companyId" in the UserPrincipal that is associated with the session?

Thank you very much in advance,