Re: Document-Literal Service

From: Doug Kohlert <>
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2003 14:53:43 -0700

First use wscompile with the -f:documentliteral option together
with the -model option to create a model file. You then can
add the model to your war file that you pass to wsdeploy and
all should work. Make sure to add the model attribute to the
endpoint in the jaxrpc-ri.xml in the war file. Here is a
sample endpoint.

         displayName="Hello Service"
         description="A simple web service"

Sam D wrote:
> Hi.
> How do I do this in JWSDP 1.2 ? There seems to be no option in wsdeploy to
> tell it how to do it.
> ( I start with Java code, deploy service and generate WSDL)
> Thanks
> Doug Kohlert wrote:
>>The JWSDP 1.1 does not generate document-literal or rpc-literal WSDLS.
>>However, JWSDP 1.2 generates both.
>>Samuel D Jackson wrote:
>>>Does the JWSDP 1.1 generate WSDL files that are document-literal ?
>>>Does the JWSDP 1.2 do that ?
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Doug Kohlert
Java Software Division
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
phone: 503 345-9806