Re: wscompile gives unsupported type (U001) error

From: Vivek Pandey <Vivek.Pandey_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 15:57:02 -0700


I looked at your wsdl. The error you pointed out is because of
totalDigits and fractionDigits facets. jaxrpc1.1 recognizes, only:
minInclusive, maxInclusive, minLength, maxLength, pattern facets. On
other facets it gives this error, which is a bug. It will be fixed in
the next release of jaxrpc. as a work around you can remove these facets
from the WSDL, anyway JAXRPC doesnt do any validation on the facets or
generates code to use the facet rules to do such validation. It just
ignores them.

But then you could see another bug with this WSDL (rpc/enc), when an
element type is anonymous complexType. This would throw NPE. With
rpc/literal or doc/literal this will work fine.I am filing this bug too,
which will be fixed in the next release.

Well, the workaround for this NPE bug would be to change the element
type from anonymous to named complexType or use rpc/literal encoding.



Mark D. Hansen wrote:

>I'm trying to generate a server interface from this WSDL - >
>wscompile gives the the "unsupported type (U001)" error on the custom type that I've defined in the WSDL named "SalesOrder". Can someone let me know what I'm doing wrong? Doesn't wscompile support custom types?