"deserialization error: unexpected XML reader state..."

From: Rhoden, Aaron <ARhoden_at_UNIVERSALACCESS.NET>
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2003 08:50:22 -0500

I am able to consume a web service built WebLogic 7.0 that uses complex
types from a few C#.NET clients. The WL7's own service compiler also creates
accompanying client classes. These auto-generated client classes depend upon
WL libraries for consumption. So, I turned to the JWSDP (version 1.2) to
create a completely vendor independent Java client. Now the trouble

Using JWSDP I have been able to consume simple types using the wscompile
tool from various web services with no problems. I think this is great for
my external customers as well as our internal consumer applications.
However, the service in question returns complex types and surprisingly I
receive the "deserialization error: unexpected XML reader state..." error at
runtime. Some newsgroups indicate that I need to use a static client.
Frankly that stinks in threaded, scalable environments. Other newsgroups
indicate that I have to deserialize the responses without providing any kind
of example of what they are proposing. Others still say the sequence order
of the response elements is somehow different from the sequence in the
wscompile-generated client.

Does anyone have a reliable, scalable and intuitive solution for this
problem? Example code is a plus. Thanks.

Aaron Rhoden
Sr. Developer, IT Development
Universal Access, Inc.
Email: <>

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