soap-enc:Array VS sequence (minOccurs="0" maxOcurrs="unbounded") -> Java mapping??

From: Pedro Salazar <pedro-b-salazar_at_PTINOVACAO.PT>
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 13:38:07 +0000


what would be better to define a a list of attributes (POIClass*), using
a the soap-env:Array element (1) or a sequence of element with
minOccurs="0" maxOcurrs="unbounded" (2)?

The first approach is picked from WSDL generated from java classes on a
array of objects mapping (POIClass[]):

<complexType name="ArrayOfPOIClass">
                <restriction base="soap-enc:Array">
                        <attribute ref="soap-enc:arrayType"

The second approach is a regular schema definition way of declaring
sequence of elements:
<complexType name="POIClassesType">
                <element name="POICLass" type="lf:POIClass"
                        minOccurs="0" maxOcurrs="unbounded"/>

The problem I found in the case (2) is that the java class
POIClassesType has defined just a "set/get" of one object of POIClass!!
Where is the array of POIClass??? Is a bug or how that it works?

Pedro Salazar.