Question about wsdeploy, WSDL, adding a Type?

From: Malani, Prakash <PMalani_at_EBUILT.COM>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 18:10:19 -0800


How are you doing? I am using wsdeploy to generate WSDL. Now, I would like
to include an extra data type. For example, I would like to include a
JavaBean PhoneBean. The PhoneBean never appears in the interface. Is that

If I force the PhoneBean in the interface, then everything works as
expected. I can see that WSDL now contains the PhoneBean, and wscompile
generates the right now.

I see ways to add types, and type mapping in wscompile. But, wscompile is
driven off WSDL. So, it would nice to have the type in the WSDL.

I have an example that demonstrates the above behavior. I will more than
happy to include that if there is interest.

Thank you so much,