Re: Dynamic Proxy invocation

From: Jay Chen <jay_at_TERA-ASPER.COM>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 10:13:38 +0800

Hope this would be helpful..
You are supposed to check the WSDL Service Interface file first where
you would be able to get the PortType information, including the
operation name, input/output message, and the part name and type you
should use in order to invoke the service..

After that, you have to create the PortType remote interface
corresponding to the details specified in the WSDL service interface

Next, you can start to write your own client program..
1. New a ServceFactory Instance and create the Service Instance you
would like to invoke
2. Utilizing the Service Object's getPort() method by passing in the
Port Name Indicated in the WSDL Service Implementation file and "The
coincident PortType remote interface you just created on your own".
3. Now, you would be able to invoke the service method and get the
desired result..

Check out two enclosed java file..... hope you are doing good on it..


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Subject: Dynamic Proxy invocation

Given only a WSDL document and method name, how do we get to know the
serviceEndpointInterface class to use, in getPort method of Service? Is
there any sample code that illustrates how to do this?