RE: Errors encountered serializing arrays of primitive types embe dded in Maps, Vectors, or complex types.

From: Almeida, Timothy <>
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2003 10:45:19 -0600

Am not sure what the version is (Where do I find the version number?), but I
downloaded it on December 6th2002, if that provides a clue. Also, the file
name of the install is jwsdp-1_0_01-windows-i586.exe -- so I assume its
version 1.0.01
I can't readily reproduce the stack trace now, without making code changes
and rebuilding etc., but I can assure you that the errors are eminently
reproducible. I do remember that the exception was being thrown by some
class that had xml.encoding as part of its package name.
For example, use of a complex type like the one below will reveal the
problem -- due to the presence of the string array.

public class Complex implements
  private String str[];
  public Complex()

  public void setStr(String s[])
    this.str = s;

  public String[] getStr()
    return this.str;


Good luck...

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embedded in Maps, Vectors, or complex types.

Tim, what version of the JWSDP are you working on? I believe version
1.1 that is due out in a couple of weeks has a fix for this but
I will try it to make sure. Can you send me an error message and/or
stack trace that you were getting?


Almeida, Timothy wrote:
> Doug,
> I thought I'd let you know about another significant serialization I'd
> run across using the JAX-RPC RI.
> When attempting to serialize a Map, Vector or any Complex type that
> contains an array of any kind of primitive type, I experience errors.
> (Recommend you try it out yourself.)
> I've worked around this for my purposes, but thought I should let you
> know since you seem to be associated with the JAX-RPC RI project.
> Regards,
> Tim
> Timothy Almeida
> Advisory Technical Architect
> firepond, Inc.
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