Returning array of custom object -> NULL objects in array

From: Pedro Salazar <pedro-b-salazar_at_PTINOVACAO.PT>
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 11:23:21 +0000


I created a jaxrpc web service that returns a custom object which has
two fields: a custom object2 and a array of custom object3 ( ->
Profile[]). In my client, when I can retrieve the custom object2 ok, but
when I try to get my array of custom object3, all the positions are

My setX/getX of custom object3 are:

private Profile[] profiles;
public Profile[] getProfiles(){
        return this.profiles;
public void setProfiles(Profile[] profiles){
           this.profiles=new Profile[profiles.length];

PS. the object Profile is a simple object with two fields (int,String)
with a set/get to both of them.

thanks for your attention,

pedro salazar (pt-inovacao) <>
key id: D803BC61