JAX-RPC Handler Demo

From: Sridhar Reddy <>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 11:00:49 -0800

"JAX-RPC Handler Demo" is now available at:

This demo will demonstrate as to how to use the SOAP Message Handlers
with Java[tm] API for XML-based RPC (JAX-RPC) 1.0_01 and run on
           Java[tm] Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP) v1.0_01
    and/or Sun ONE Application Server 7.0.

The Demo Software includes the following:
         Detailed instructions to setup and run the demo
         Script files to compile and build the demo
         Server side implementation source code
         Client source code and scripts to compile and run the client

Hope this helps those who are trying to use Handlers in JAX-RPC.

-Sridhar Reddy.