Re: serialize and deserialize interfaces/abstract classes

From: John L. Fjellstad <john_at_PRODEXNET.COM>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 09:47:42 -0700

Hi Doug,

Doug Kohlert wrote:
> John, would you please send your config.xml file?

This is the actual config.xml with the correct file/class names.

My build target looks like this:
<target name="compile-xrpcc" depends="set-xrpcc" description="Building
   <echo message="Compiling xrpc stubs..." />
  <exec executable="${xrpcc}">
   <arg line="-classpath ${classes}" />
   <arg line="-keep" />
   <arg line="-gen:both" />
   <arg line="-d ${classes}" />
   <arg line="-s ${build}/xrpcsrc" />
   <arg line="${config_dir}/config.xml" />

Note: ${xrpcc} is wscompile.bat

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