jaxrpc servlet communication

From: Venkata Krishna <krishnatvk_at_HOTMAIL.COM>
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 04:03:19 -0600

hai to all;
i have got a problem in writng a simple html client to my webservice which is implemented in jaxrpc.
1.using static client i have successfully called the methods of my serive.
2.i am using tomcat server. i have to write a html client and call the method of my service.
4. iam strucked up there.
5.i have succesfull witten remote interface;implemntation class; and a static client
6. i have used ant tool to generate all the stubs and ties. with static slient i have been sucessfull to call methods my request is how to write a html client using a servlet in which my servlet will call my remote methods.
9. iam new to servlets can any one help me how to write a servelt to call my remote methods
and the help will me more helpfull for my further proceedings