Websphere Deployment

From: Andrew Stephan <astephan_at_SYSCOM.COM>
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 13:25:58 -0600

I have a quick question about the deployment to websphere4x

I've succssfully used Axis api's to build a service

I wrote my interface, created my WSDL using Java2WSDL and then created my client and server components using WSDL2Java.

My problem is that the deployment descriptor that is created from WSDL2Java (deploy.wsdd) is a web service deployment descriptor.

My problem is that the the SoapEarEnabler that is provided with Websphere expects a Soap Deployment Descriptor that resembles the following

<isd:service xmlns:isd=""
             id="urn:service-urn" [type="message"] [checkMustUnderstands="true|false"]> <isd:provider type="java" scope="Request | Session | Application" methods="exposed-methods"> <isd:java class="implementing-class" [static="true|false"]/> </isd:provider> <isd:faultListener>org.apache.soap.server.DOMFaultListener</isd:faultListener>

Can anyone tell me how I can either convert my WSDD into the appropriate Soap Deployment Descriptor Format or how I can create the Soap Deployment from my wsdl??

Thanks for all the help