Re: non-built-in/value data types and serialization/deserialzation problems

From: Phil Goodwin <Phil.Goodwin_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 2002 16:10:11 -0700

It looks like your objects are getting serialized without causing an
exception. It's when the server tries to deserialize them that the
trouble starts. The server must know about these types in order to
deserialize them. I think that the problem lies somewhere in the
generation of the server-side artifacts.

Havaldar, Raghu wrote:

>I found out that a value-type needs to be a Java-Bean to be transmitted
>across the
>wire (as per the 1.0.1 JAXRPC-RI). Does this reflect the JAX-RPC spec
>Section 5.4 ?
>>From my understanding, a value-type can be a non-bean with its properties
>defined to be public (which is what I had implemented, and the RI failed to
>Does anybody have experiences w/ non-JavaBean value-types ?
>> -----Original Message-----
>>From: Havaldar, Raghu
>>Sent: Friday, September 06, 2002 4:02 PM
>>Subject: non-built-in/value data types and
>>serialization/deserialzation problems
>>- JAX-RPC RI 1.0.1
>>- Win2K
>>- JDK 1.3.1
>>I have defined a bunch of non-built-in/value types as per Section 5.4 of
>>the JAX-RPC spec. Each of them has a public no-arg constructor, and
>>have all the variables defined to be public.
>>When I try to use DII in a client and invoke the service, I get the
>>following error:
>> [java] java.rmi.ServerException: Internal Server Error
>>(deserialization error: unexpected XML reader state. expected: END but
>>found: START: esn)
>> [java] at
>> [java] at
>> [java] at
>> [java] at
>> [java] at
>> [java] at
>> [java] at $Proxy0.invoke(Unknown Source)
>> [java] at com.onstar.vehcomm.client.LockUnlockClient.main(Unknown
>>Is this some kind of serialization/deserialization error or some internal
>>bug ? I have seen a similar problem
>>being reported on BugParade - # 4736947.

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