dynamic proxy problem

From: Sam <>
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 16:06:19 -0400

When I use the Hello client to pass a Java bean instead of a String

     String UrlString = "http://localhost:8080/ProxyHelloWorld.wsdl";
     String nameSpaceUri = "";
     String serviceName = "HelloWorld";
     String portName = "HelloIFPort";

     URL helloWsdlUrl = new URL(UrlString);
     ServiceFactory serviceFactory = ServiceFactory.newInstance();
     Service helloService = serviceFactory.createService(helloWsdlUrl,
                                      new QName(nameSpaceUri, serviceName));

       HelloIF myProxy = (HelloIF) helloService.getPort(
                         new QName(nameSpaceUri, portName), proxy.HelloIF.class);

        Test myobject= new Test(); // test is a JavaBean and a jaxrpc comliantt

The client throws an exception

serialization error: no serializer is registered for (null,

The same example works fine when I use the stub directly. Anyone know
whats going on ?