Re: 1.0 Final Release

From: Sudeep Chandran <novicedeveloper_at_REDIFFMAIL.COM>
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 14:12:04 -0600

Hi Rahul,

I have the following concerns

1. Does this final release ships with Serializers/Deserializers for java collections?
2. if(1==false)
   -Do I have to write my own serializers/deserializers? ( Any other way such as
    providing a XML Schema for the Object to be serialized would do the trick)
   -Do I have granular control on serialization/deserializarion ..meaning
    when writing a deserializer can I specify the constructor that needs to
    be called to recalibrate the object from the soap message or can I control
    which instance variables are to be serialized.