JAXRPC client through proxy

From: Luc Plaetinck <luc_plaetinck_at_COMPUWARE.COM>
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 14:10:22 -0600

Hi all,
I tried different ways to have a JAXRPC client go through a non-authorizing proxy server:
- using the call System.setProperty("http.proxyHost", "") and related ones
- supplying the properties on the command line, as in the extract of following "verbose" ant run command:
     [java] Forking E:\jdk1.3.1_03\jre\..\bin\java.exe -Dhttp.proxyPort=1101 -classpath E:\jwsdp-1_0-ea2\docs\tutorial\examples ...[remainder omitted];E:\jwsdp-1_0-ea2\common\lib\classes12.jar supplier.SupplierClient http://localhost:8080/jaxrpc-supplier/jaxrpc/SupplierIF
     [java] Total Sales for ScrewDepot = 46080.49

None of these methods seems to work: the proxy is totally ignored; as confirmed by turning of the proxy server and still getting a valid result.
Anyone out there who knows how to accomplish this?
Luc Plaetinck