xrpcc and enumeration

From: Sapozhnikov Michael <msapozhnikov_at_AXSONE.COM>
Date: Thu, 02 May 2002 11:20:23 -0600

I tried to use enumeration

<element name="EyeColor" type="tns:EyeColorType"/>

    <simpleType name="EyeColorType">
      <restriction base="string">
          <enumeration value="green"/>
          <enumeration value="blue"/>

with a xrpcc tool starting from wsdl and am not getting results in terms that no Java class was generated for the EyeColorType, but all my other complex types are OK. The code produced just treats field as a regular String without any restrictions.

* What is expected behaviour in this case for the simple type with enumeration?
* Should I manually supplement generated code with class definition similar to the code snippet in section 4.2.4 of the spec or this is just missing feature in RI?
* Should I do something different on my side?
Spec stipulates in section 18 that enumeration support in JAX-RPC is REQUIRED.
I tried to use also derivation of new simple type by restriction of an existing simple type, which support declared optional in spec, and it really didn't work.
* Why this support is optional if it's implementation seems very close to that of enumeration, which is required?

Could somebody shed light on this?


Michael Sapozhnikov