Re: Internal message handlers

From: Sang Shin <>
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2002 08:54:59 -0500

Pratibha Gupta wrote:
> You have described on the mailing list how to define handlers for a
> particular service. Suppose I wanted to write global handler
> chains i.e. handlers that would process all messages irrespective of the service they were intended for (in addition to the service's own
> handlers). I think the spec calls them "internal handlers". How and where do I define these handler chains?
> Thanks,
> Pratibha

(I am not working in JAX-RPC group. So these are my
personal interpretation of the spec.)

The spec says the following:

"A handler chain is registered per service endpoint, as
indicated by the qualified name of
a port. The getHandlerChain returns the handler chain for
the specified service
endpoint. ..."

So for now, it seems you can set chain of handlers only per

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