Re: xrpcc and other questions

From: Sang Shin <Sang.Shin_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2002 22:44:29 -0500

Sang Shin wrote:
> Sam wrote:
> >
> > I m not sure about this. Perhaps you can clarify this.
> >
> > What is the bigger picture.. of how clients use stubs ?
> >
> > The way I see it a stub can be distributed with a client and the client
> > can access the stub (as we do in RMI clients by doing something similar
> > to a lookup).
> According to the JAX-RPC spec, the stub gets generated
> during
> deployment time specific to a particular JAX-RPC runtime
> system. (One of the reasonings for this is not to
> impose the portability requirement to the stub.)
> Even in regular RMI, the recommended practice is to download
> the stub during runtime through something like RMI registry
> (or Jini lookup service) during runtime. So distributing
> a stub with a client is usually considered a bad practice.

(I am not working in JAX-RPC group. So these are my
personal interpretation of the spec.)

By the way, I did not mean to imply that in the case of
the stub gets downloaded to the client during runtime. My
understanding is that the stub gets generated by the client
side JAX-RPC runtime system.

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