Serializers & Deserializers

From: YAWN,MICHAEL (HP-Cupertino,ex1) <"YAWN,MICHAEL>
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 09:25:06 -0700


I'm having difficulty getting serializers and deserializers to work. I'm
using the code provided
by Arun last week as a guide, but also looking at the code generated by
XRPCC to help
resolve some questions.

Task 1: Need to serialize a String[].
- Arun's example code created a SimpleTypeSerializer, but XRPCC uses an
  to handle the String. Is there a reason to prefer one over the other?
- What is the rule for using ENCODE_TYPE vs DONT_ENCODE_TYPE in the
serializer constructor
  calls? Arun's code uses DONT_ENCODE for the String, ENCODE for the array.
The xrpcc-generated
  code has ENCODE_TYPE for both.
- What is the first parameter to the SimpleTypeArraySerializer constructor?
Arun's code passes a
  QNAME_TYPE_INT, but the xrpcc-generated code uses the QName for
'ArrayOfstring'. The type
  of the sixth parameter seems similarly confused.
- Why does XRPCC use the constant NS_SOAP_ENCODING, while Arun's code uses
  URI_ENCODING for the same purpose, and in my code neither will work -- I
must use
- What is the rule for using SERIALIZE_AS_REF vs. DONT_SERIALIZE_AS_REF in
  ReferenceableSerializerImpl constructor?
- My code as written fails with 'Illegal MimeHeader name or value'. Does
this provide any
  insight into where my problem is likely to be?

Task 2: Need to serialize an array of a complex type
- Is there an example available for serializing a complex type? I have a
type which consists
  of an int[], a String, and a float. It's hard to follow exactly how this
is being done in the
  xrpcc-generated code since it seems to be spread across several classes.

Any available documentation on these constructor calls would go a long way
helping me get these examples working. I can send (via list or separately)
source for
the client program if desired.