Re: [jaxr-discussion] Re: WSDL Parsing.

From: Katz, Guy <Guy_Katz_at_ICOMVERSE.COM>
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 16:11:41 +0200

in the case you dont want any stub generation than why use jax-rpc??? you
should use JAXM to produce messages that corespond to your WSDL. send those
messages over http to a servlet that YOU WROTE(not the default jaxrpc
servlet by sun).

by the way, you can still use JAX-RPC on the server side and a JAXM client
and get the flexibility you want.
just create a Soap Message object with the data that your JAXRPC service
endpoint is expecting. this should work the same and you do not need client
stubs(which are the ones that create the lack of flexibility). what you get
from this is not having to code the servlet (that replaces the generic
jaxrpc one) that dispaches your soap messages to the appropriate service. i
dont know if this mixture is recommended but its an option.

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Subject: [jaxr-discussion] Re: WSDL Parsing.

I believe I am doing something very similar. I did not want to have
to generate any stubs or set up any config files to do so, only
wanted to use the WSDL info to make the call to the service. I never
really got a clear answer on whether this could be done using the JAX-
RPC DII interface so I have implemented what I need to do using
Systinet's WASP product. The only information needed is the WSDL URI
and the operation/parameter info from the WSDL to make the call. I
downloaded the wasp advanced server from and found
the info I needed by referencing the API and the dynamicHello example
they provide to determine how to do this.

I would LOVE to find out if this can be done as easily using JAX-RPC
DII - via the Call object, so if anyone can post some info on that,
it would be great. The example in the JWSDP implies that some config
file is needed (to get port info from), which is not feasible for my
app since everything needs to be done on the fly. Please correct me
on this if I am wrong...


--- In jaxr-discussion_at_y..., Farrukh Najmi <farrukh.najmi_at_s...> wrote:
> WSDL parsing will be addressed in a Java API for WSDL (
> <> ).
> Until an implementation of JWSDL is available you may consider
using a tool
> like Castor
> <> to generate Java
bindings to WSDL schema.
> charbel89 wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I just want to parse a WSDL file and then obtain the appropriate
> > information that enables me to invoke the service that this wsdl
> > describe. I am aware of WSDL2Java tool, but it is a bit too much
> > what i need. I already have the necessary frame work and to send
> > receive rquestes and what is missing is the say the servicename
> > methods, paramters.. to be submitted.
> >
> > Did anyone manage to do this? I have to support most all (possibly
> > all) WSDL's given.
> >
> > I am hoping that by allowing th euser to point to a WSDL file the
> > relevant information are extracted and will be ready to submit a
> > soapd request.
> >
> > Maybe an (XSLT ==> required info)??
> >
> > I am still a beginner with SOAP..
> >
> > Thanks a lot for your help.
> >
> > regadrs
> >
> > Charbel.
> >
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