Re: xrpcc:problem!!! compiler error!!!

From: Serge Pagop <serge.pagop_at_MATHEMA.DE>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 09:42:49 +0100

Dilip Easwaran wrote:

> I get a compiler error!!! send feedback when i try to use xrpcc to generate stubs for a webservice that consumes a couple more of webservices.what the problem.sorry if my question appears twice.
> dilip

    I think, you have to check the configuration file (config.xml)
    + <service name=[1] packageName=[2]>
    + <interface name=[3] servantName=[4]/>
    + </service>
    [1] -> is the name of your service
    [2] -> is the name of your package (e.g.: com.Webservice)
    [3]-> is the name of the interface definition (e.g.: com.WebService.stockIF)
    [4]-> is the name of class implementation (e.g.: com.WebService.stockImpl)

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